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On-the-Go Meeting Management

NeedToMeet 3.6 for mobile brings the on-the-go benefits of transparency, while retaining critical privacy.  In the latest version of NeedToMeet, users of the mobile applications can view availability (Free/Busy) of other NeedToMeet users inside and outside their organization.  This facilitates meeting scheduling with minimal busy work while remaining true to longtime NeedToMeet attributes of keeping actual meeting details completely private and secure.


  • NeedToMeet continues to deliver mobile calendar synchronization for on-the-go meeting management, calendar access, and scheduling capabilities.
  • While on mobile devices, view availability for other NeedToMeet users for faster, easier scheduling, avoiding time-wasting requests for possible meeting times.
  • Retain privacy by not sharing any individual meeting details.
Very convenient for on-the-go professionals preparing for Mergers and Acquisitions.
Download the mobile versions of NeedToMeet from the following link.


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