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NeedToMeet Simplified the Process of Meeting Administration and Solved Scheduling Challenges for Binary Tree

Client Challenges

With more than 200 global employees in Binary Tree’s company, scheduling productive meetings was a high priority. Choosing a date and time for meetings had become inefficient and an extremely time-consuming process involving lengthy email chains, time zone conflicts, and phone tag.

Faced with the challenge of scheduling interviews with candidates for open positions, Binary Tree’s HR department needed to coordinate the hiring managers’ calendars with the availability of each recruit for each open position. With five open positions at any time, and five candidates per position, this proved to be a very daunting and time-consuming task.

Additionally, Binary Tree also needed to schedule board meetings. Since board members were not employees, Binary Tree did not have access to their calendars. Scheduling these meetings became another source of frustration every month.

“With five open positions at any time, and five candidates per position, this proved to be a very daunting and timeconsuming task.”


The Solution: NeedToMeet

Binary Tree uses NeedToMeet because it provides 1:1 meeting polls and scheduling. Using NeedToMeet, multiple individuals receive a link with available time slots to choose from. Once a single individual chooses a time slot, it is no longer available for others to choose. This allowed the Director of HR to find five or more open timeslots on a hiring manager’s calendar, then set up a single NeedToMeet meeting link so each candidate could pick an available time.

“Scheduling meetings now is accomplished in a matter of minutes and with just a few clicks.”


The Results

Within a short time, Binary Tree was using NeedToMeet to schedule meetings company-wide. The software has an interface that is both intuitive and easy to use. The few questions or issues Binary Tree encountered were quickly resolved via NeedToMeet’s support system. Binary Tree has been using NeedToMeet software for the past five years. As a result, meeting scheduling is more efficient for the company, finally eliminating the endless email chains. Scheduling meetings now is accomplished in a matter of minutes and with just a few clicks.

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Client Profile

Binary Tree provides software and SaaS solutions designed to enable enterprises everywhere to transform and manage change with the Microsoft cloud. Through its business-first approach, Binary Tree has helped over 50% of the Fortune 500 and 10,000 global organizations to plan, modernize, and manage transformations that involve Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, business applications, and merging organizations.

Since 1993, Binary Tree has transformed more than 52 million users, including 12 million to Office 365. The company helps plan, modernize, and manage the transformation process from end-to-end. So, clients stay focused on their core business while Binary Tree experts deliver a
low-risk, successful IT transformation.


On-the-Go Meeting Management

NeedToMeet 3.6 for mobile brings the on-the-go benefits of transparency, while retaining critical privacy.  In the latest version of NeedToMeet, users of the mobile applications can view availability (Free/Busy) of other NeedToMeet users inside and outside their organization.  This facilitates meeting scheduling with minimal busy work while remaining true to longtime NeedToMeet attributes of keeping actual meeting details completely private and secure.


  • NeedToMeet continues to deliver mobile calendar synchronization for on-the-go meeting management, calendar access, and scheduling capabilities.
  • While on mobile devices, view availability for other NeedToMeet users for faster, easier scheduling, avoiding time-wasting requests for possible meeting times.
  • Retain privacy by not sharing any individual meeting details.
Very convenient for on-the-go professionals preparing for Mergers and Acquisitions.
Download the mobile versions of NeedToMeet from the following link.


Revolutionizing the way you schedule meetings with NeedToMeet's Microsoft Outlook Add-in 2.0


Now you can view the calendar availability of external and internal colleagues right within Microsoft Outlook when scheduling meetings!

The new NeedToMeet Outlook Add-In 2.0 enables you to instantly see the calendar availability of external colleagues outside of your organization – right within Outlook! You can also grant access and publish your own calendar availability to external contacts. Now you can streamline the scheduling of meetings within and across organizations, while saving time and getting more accomplished on a daily basis.
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