Who Uses NeedToMeet?


Plan a much-needed gathering with friends

Whether it’s Ladies’ Night or Moms Night Out, you deserve a break. You need to be with your girls and unwind. Pop a cork and laugh a little. (Afterall, if scientists are saying it’s not a good idea to drink alone, who are you to argue?)

For many busy, working women, arranging “fun” activities with friends has become just another chore. No one is ever on the same page; it can seem impossible to choose a date and make a plan. Now, even your overscheduled friends will be able to schedule time using NeedToMeet’s incredibly simple service. You can even poll everyone to decide on what and where you’ll play!

Use NeedToMeet to schedule:
  • Book club
  • Pot Luck dinners
  • Card and game nights
  • Movie and restaurant outings
  • Girlfriend getaways

Anytime is a great time to get together with your girls. Now, when you need to meet, NeedtoMeet will help you make it happen.

NeedToMeet makes it a perfect day for:

  • Ladies’ Night Out
  • Moms Night Out
  • Movie Night
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