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Find a time that works for everyone

See everyone's availability at a glance with NeedToMeet's simple calendar interface. Don't waste any more time emailing or texting those dates back and forth.

Enter meeting details
  • Specify the title and location for your meeting or event.
  • Select the duration.
Enter Meeting Details
Select dates and times
  • Select all of the available times for your meeting that you want your attendees to pick from.
Select Dates and Times
Invite attendees
  • You have two options to invite your attendees.
  • Copy and paste your meeting link to personally email your attendees.
  • Alternatively, use NeedToMeet to email the invites for you.
  • You will get notified via email when your attendees respond.
Invite Attendees
Congratulations! You’ve found a time that works for everyone to meet!
  • See at a glance which times work best.

NeedToMeet is also available on mobile and Outlook

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