In just a few clicks, you and your friends, colleagues, teammates, classmates, bridal party, fellow singers, band members, and others will be able to find times to meet faster and without hassles! NeedToMeet is ideal for get-togethers, practices, meetings, and more!
Planning meetings used to be messy
– not anymore with NeedToMeet!

How it Works

Simply share your available times with invited guests and put an end to those frustrating scheduling nightmares.

Fill out the form with the name and details of your meeting

Select the days and times you're available to meet

Send invitations via NeedToMeet or via email by providing your attendees a custom link.

Dresses, flowers, venues…
NeedToMeet makes scheduling a breeze!

Free. Easy to Use. No Hassles.

Getting together for meetings, parties, or other events with minimal phone tag and lengthy email chains may seem impossible. NeedToMeet makes it easy to work around conflicts, time zones, and anything else that can get in the way. Schedule your next event with just a few clicks!

Availability at a Glance
Why waste time checking and rechecking schedules? Have your friends and colleagues get on board with NeedToMeet.

No More Tag, You're It
The headache of incessant emails and waiting to hear from everyone is a thing of the past. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of finding a time with no hassles.

Collaboration Gets it Done
Having everyone post their available times to a group calendar will motivate attendees to commit to a time — Placing your meeting or event front and center.

Spending time with my family is great -
thanks NeedToMeet for helping us organize our reunion!

Planning For Every Occasion.

Organize A Meeting

After a conference, I use NeedToMeet to schedule follow-up meetings with my contacts. Setting up my coffee meetings has become much easier.

Meet Your Friends

My favorite band is in town this weekend. All I had to do was shoot my friends an invite to start planning. It was so simple!

Plan Your Wedding

I sent NeedToMeet to my bridal party immediately. Now we can organize dress fittings, venue reservations, and photography appointments without the chaos!

Host An Event

Our club is having a big event this year. Thanks to NeedToMeet, getting together is a piece of cake – and so much better than mass texting!

Schedule Activities

NeedToMeet has been great for finding time for outdoor activities with my friends. We've gone kayaking, swimming, biking… you name it!

Thanks to NeedToMeet I found plenty of times
to study with my classmates!

Schedule in a pinch.

No Hassles. Convenient.

  • Free. Registration optional. Nothing to download.
  • Intuitive click-through forms and instructions
  • Visual calendar interface for ease in collaboration
  • Easily edit meetings by clicking the administrative link we provide
  • Send your attendees a custom meeting link by email or generate a NeedToMeet invite
  • Add a comment to your available times
  • Meet on the go with our mobile app

Keep track with ease

Benefits of Registration

  • Access to identical features and meeting sync via iOS, Android and Microsoft Outlook
  • An organized “My Meetings” page saves all your meeting links
  • Ability to add meetings to your calendar (.ics download), or export to Excel and CSV
  • View a detailed response table right in the email
  • More...
I love cycling with friends,
and NeedToMeet makes organizing hassle-free!

About Need to Meet

Find a time that works for everyone.

Getting people together for meetings, parties, or other events with minimal phone tag and lengthy email chains can be challenging. NeedToMeet makes it easy to work around conflicts, time zones, and anything else that can get in the way.

Our calendar is simple – just start clicking to organize events and invite others. Registering allows you to access identical features and sync your meetings to our mobile app and Microsoft Outlook plugin as well as advanced features on the web. Try it out – you’ll be able to organize your next meeting in just a few clicks!

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