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Easily view and edit all your meetings in one simple dashboard.

Manage all of your meetings in a single dashboard! Instead of viewing your meetings separately through unique links, NeedToMeet brings every meeting associated with your username into one convenient location. The “My Meetings” button at the top of the website, and when you are on mobile device when you login you will see "My Meetings"  which will bring you to your dashboard.  

Here, you can review all your meeting names, attendees, the dates you created your meetings, responses, and comments. You can even view meetings that you’ve been invited to by others!

You are able to select meetings, and manage the following type of functionality: Email reminders, Add attendees, Email attendees, easy access to the Attendee link, and also Edit, and Delete the meeting. You also have the functionality to export the meeting details to Excel spreadsheet, or a text file, and to add meeting comments.

Here are some examples of what functionality is available.

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