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Share your personal calendar with anyone.

Premium users have access to the Share Calendar feature, which provides the ability to grant other Outlook users access to see your Outlook calendar availability for a set period of time. Scheduling a meeting in Microsoft Outlook has never been easier. Those who have access to your calendar will be able to see when you are free or busy each day, cutting down on the time it takes for an agreeable meeting time to be set up.

This feature also allows you to share your Outlook calendar via a personal URL like www.needtomeet.com/YourUserID.  You can give viewers of this URL access to request a meeting with you based on your availability. 

Not only is this feature helpful for those who set up appointments for you year-round, but it is also useful for Contract projects where you may only want a vendor to have access to your calendar for the 90 days you will be working together. With just a few clicks colleagues and vendors will instantly be "in the loop" with your full schedule of availability.

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